9 Simple Ideas For Green Toy Collecting

"We love collecting and we love toys. But our love for Earth surpasses all."

Toy collecting can produce much waste. Most of the toys we collect today are made of plastic. Whether they're Marvel, Star Wars, or Transformers, plastic is a huge environmental problem. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a threat to humanity and it is almost all plastic. There are more patches and calling them patches is an understatement. Although toys are not the majority of the waste, it is still a great idea to introduce a more environmental culture to toy collecting. We understand the value of collecting and love the hobby, no judgement here. We are trying to introduce responsibility and best environmental practices to the community. This can be by reducing the plastic and paper footprint.

So here are 9 simple ways to help guide you on the path of being a Green Toy Collector! (no specific order)

A Dialogue Between Two Transformers (video)


Why Megatron Needs To Be A Gun




Bud Reviews: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (PC)

This ain't no place for a hero
This ain't no place for no better man

Definite B on the B.U.D scale. Go buy it.

It's fun, butt slams, and a continuation of the second borderlands. The aussie accent was really fun for me. Anyways, this is a mini review I guess. I realized I published the draft and not the review since it was a WIP.

This game is probably better than Borderlands 2 for me. I liked that it was about fun. Also Claptrap! Although ....Athena FTW

Ok I'll probably get to reviewing this fully ...soon

Chromebook vs Tablet? Mini blurb

So when it comes to my consumption and use of certain devices, I've been trying to decide between getting a tablet or a chromebook. The criteria I'm looking for is security, typing capability, and price.

When looking at a tablet like an ipad mini 3, I have the Zagg folio keybaord case, which is neat. I get to use the touch screen, play some games, hell even use iMovie for videos and type. However the major drawbacks are the limitations of the bookmarking and organization features. For example, on safari , to bookmark each page , you have to go through two clicks to favorite a page. The typing experience is also difficult, the bluetooth keyboard speed and response time is slow, there is a lag. Plus the keyboard size is small.

On the chromebook, which cost much less, the typing experience is much much better, I can finally type very fast, which is what I'm doing right now actually, my words per minute are lots. The limitation of the apps and the device is what concerns me. S…

Blog entry...whatever date is on this post

You know....I'm still considering lots of directions for this blog and my content. The Flipboard magazines I have made, have been a success...I guess...more pageflips, more traffic, but they seem too high maintenance is the problem. Plus, does anyone use Flipboard?  When you look around the net, you make decisions on what community to invest in, that community could be a small one or a large one, and depending on your performance you could grow it. For example , Twitter is a fertile ground, almost all celebrities are on there as well as important politicians. Snapchat seems to be the new craze, though I haven't really caught on to it. Just tired of having yet another account. Plus I'm a Twitter guy at heart. I love that twitter bird.

I'm trying out typing regularly, doing videos are fun, but can't really be sustainable at least for me...neither is typing. But hopefully in this chaotic state I could try and introduce order by regular journal type things. So they'…

Thoughts on my channels and stuff...

Hey! So it has been a while since I actually blogged. Much has happened to the internet in the last 5 years or so. Unfortunately blogging is history. The classic blogging that is. Twitter is all the haps these days.

With regards to my channel and what I do, I come back to simplicity, I want something that is easy for me to provide content and not high maintenance. There are benefits to having a blog...well it's nice to let my thoughts out, but really the entire model of the internet has shifted.

As of this post, I have presence in the following (the main website)

Mainly Twitter , Youtube , and G+ being the most I spend time on.

From a brand management perspective it becomes very difficult to keep track. I understand the value of multi channel branding, but SEO tactics and all that have a very high upkeep.

So here is what I'm thinking....a drastic change to how I deliver content. Make it on a need basis…