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The Canon Wars, Thoughts on Star Wars.

In one fell swoop Disney made every single Star Wars branded book, comic, game, cartoon all not matter. A move that was overlooked by fans because they crave Star Wars. Since the original trilogy, fans have been satiating their hunger with the expanded universe. A universe that was officially branded by Star Wars. It was not some fan fiction. No it was legitimate canon at the time. Games like Jedi Knight 2: Jedi outcast were canon and were great. Knights of the Old Republic was canon and was great.

Then Disney just took it all away. Claiming that we need to do this to take the franchise further.

But what really happened here? Nullifying the entire EU and calling it Legends was a strategic move. The name Legends is brilliant because it could or couldn't have existed. Like a myth.

I guess no one had a choice in this matter and it came from above or behind or whatever.

Some people were for the murder of the EU and some were against. The ones against were arguably the fans because th…

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